Great news!

Loafology Aurasquare
F-11 Islamabad

all set to serve you now!

Aesthetic & spacious interior

Same great food & staff!

Loafology's philosophy is simple

homemade | handcrafted | fresh | organic | no additives or improvers

Breaking Bread

Loafology is all about an artisan food experience. Loafology bread is part science and part art. Artisan bakers handcraft each loaf, beginning the process with a sourdough starter that forms the basis of our bread.

We care about the nature

At Loafology we also seek to minimise our environmental foodprint by composting our organic waste, using unbleached paper packaging and providing environmentally friendly, resuable cloth bags for your bread and other goodies.

In 2016, Loafology began with a mission to bring delicious, long fermentation, sourdough breads and cafe/bistro style cuisine to those who love food.

Everything at Loafology is made by hand, created with the best ingredients that we can source. We don’t believe in using artificial additives, improvers or sugar in our breads. We invite you to experiment and try our range of breads, buttery pastries, cakes, salads, sandwiches and meals to find the ones that speak to your taste buds.


We created a space for chilling with friends or catching up for a meeting either indoors or surrounded by lush green plants outdoors Our casual all day menu is guided by seasonal ingredients offering fresh, healthy options with great coffee and juices.