Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. What makes your products different?

Homemade | Handcrafted | Fresh | Organic | No additive or improvers
This is what we stand for.
You might have read once or twice that we are a scratch bakery, and that fact alone sets apart from most other bakeries. This improves the taste and quality of the products we make.

2. What are your store timings?

We open every day at 8am in the morning and close by 11pm.

3. I just want a single serving. Can I come in and purchase a small dessert?

Yes! Come into our café where we offer an array of single serving items all day! We are not a home-based bakery. We are accessible during business hours, and you do not need to make an appointment in order to enjoy our products. You are welcome to visit our café anytime during our business hours.

4. Are you a full service bakery, or do you only make cakes?

We are a full-service bakery. We specialise in European style artisanal breads, and we make most other bakery products too. Please see our Menus at the bottom of our homepage.

5. Do you make customised cakes?

Yes, we don't make customised cakes. We have a standard size for all our cakes.

6. Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver to selected areas in Islamabad and Lahore. Delivery charges vary from place to place.

7. Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to the selected areas:

In Islamabad - D12, E7, E8, E11, F5, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, G6, G7, G8, G9, G10, G11, I8, I9, I10

In Lahore - all Gulberg areas, Garden Town, Model Town, all areas of Defence & Cavalry ground

8. What if I need to cancel my order? 

If you have not made your payment on the website, you can still go to the cart and cancel it. If you have already made the payment and you want to cancel your order, you can email us at info@loafology.com with a complete description and we will try our best to refund as soon as possible. Ideally in 2 weeks.

9. What if I don't like what I purchased?

We rarely hear complaints about our products, which is why we've stuck around for 6 years. If you have concerns about a purchase, please kindly return the product to us on the next business day following your purchase. We do not offer refunds on returned products but may work with you on a product exchange. Note that that cakes and other perishable products can't be returned unless warranted by the representative upon complete investigation.

10. Do you have any Hi-Tea Platters?

Yes, we are serving Afternoon Hi-Tea Platters starting from 3:30pm till 6:30pm.

11. Do you have gift basket options for different occasions?

Yes, we do have Gift Baskets of different sizes and they are customisable too. they include different artisanal breads, croissants, honey, pink salt etc.